Journal Articles

Kohl, M. (2020): “Redistribution, Selection, and Trade”, Journal of International Economics 122, 103255. [link]


Recent Working Papers

Harms, P., Hoffmann, M., Kohl, M. and Krahnke, T. (2022): “Inequality and the Structure of Countries’ External Liabilities”, IMF Working Paper WP/22/138. [link]

Kohl, M., Naumann, F. (2022): “Redistribution Policy and Offshoring in General Equilibrium”, mimeo, University of Mainz.

Kohl, M. and Richter, P. (2021): “Unilateral Tax Policy in the Open Economy”, CESifo Working Paper No. 9296. [link] [Revise & Resubmit: Journal of International Economics]


Work in Progress

Progressive Taxation with Overlapping Income Schedules (with Hartmut Egger and Udo Kreickemeier)

Political Economy of Trade Policy and Taxation (with Philipp Harms and Philipp Richter)